Typography Poster: Bobby Chiu Quote

I bringeth to you fine folks a poster of a quote from amazing illustrator Bobby Chiu, from a news article he wrote on DeviantArt titled, “10 beneficial things artists should ask themselves“.

With some experimentation, I decided I wanted it to look, well, punchy, with capital letters that ended up in a retro style that’s a little rounded and not as harsh as something like .  Also, it uses the same colors, and the background texture is the same material upon which, artists often use to sketch and ideate (black/grey and white, brown) to evoke the materials used for such.  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop.  Texture by PlainTextures.com.

3 thoughts on “Typography Poster: Bobby Chiu Quote

  1. I like this! The color scheme is lovely.

    I’m curious to know what the “that” would look like without overlap, but right now, the poster is super groovy.

    • Thank you!

      Without the overlap, just centered between the larger lines of text? I can try that.

  2. A wonderful thought! Amazingly done and effectively presented! ..’Cause now I’m gonna log off and start drawing! :D

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