“Thor” Illustrated Fanfiction – I promise awesome!

Hey, universe!  My best friend is writing a ten-part long story for Thor titled “Kill all the pretty lies”, partially based on the film canon and drawing a little from the comics canon, and she’s asked me to contribute an illustration for each chapter.  Check out her awesome story, because she’s a fanfic writer who can actually write well and deserves the recognition.  Make sure to leave a comment on the chapters you read, because feedback is always appreciated!

So far chapters one and two have been posted, and a new chapter is planned to be posted each week until it’s finished.  Click and enjoy!

Kill all the pretty lies, Chapter 1

KAPL, Chapter 2

In case you’re not a fan (puns, har har) of fanfiction, here are chapters one and two‘s illustrations for your viewing pleasure, hidden by links to avoid spoilers. ;D

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