Slam Bang! Comic Anthology

Hey, all!Slam Bang! Issue 5 Cover

Fanatic Press‘s Slam Bang! comic anthology’s fifth compilation is, according to the website, due out in April!  I did the art for the writer Curtis Lawson who wanted to submit a short story for it.  The deadline was extended to the end of February (we had ours in by January 1, the original deadline), and now they have a list of contributors out – Curtis’ name is on the list!

Now, “[c]ontributors get a free copy of the book, and a black and white ad in the back: 2″ tall x 5″ wide.”  Curtis may be keeping the copy of the book, but I may be getting the ad space.  Whoo!

The footnote that makes me a smidge nervous: “This list is subject to change at any time due to the editor’s old age, page count and other factors out or our control.”  Here’s to hoping we get in!!

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