Personal Art Post: The House On Belvoir

I colored a sketch from a couple years ago to work on backgrounds and light/shadow values with color.  Of course, it’s in marker, because markers and I are art BFFs.  This is also a step closer to creating my own concept art backgrounds.  Pencil, Copic+Prismacolor marker on top of a printout of the sketch, Faber-Castell technical pen.  Let me know what you think!  I always encourage comments/constructive criticism!

Also, question: should I keep image-linking from here to DeviantArt?  Who likes/doesn’t like that?

2 thoughts on “Personal Art Post: The House On Belvoir

  1. I don’t think it matters where you link images from. No sense in uploading a million places.

    That’s a really nice sketch! And makes a good environment/architectural concept art piece. Think the yellow windows are a bit dark/dirty looking, unless they’re really deep ochre stained glass.

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